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Premier launches British-made Modern Classic drum set

Premier launches British-made Modern Classic drum set

Premier, the original British drum company, is proud to announce the launch of the Modern Classic drum set, a selection of three-piece kits that are overtly retro with clean tones and a modern build quality.

The origins of the Modern Classic hark back to 2001, when it was launched as a dedicated snare range, inspired by classic drum design through the ages. The all-new Modern Classic drum set draws on the concept of the original snare drums, redesigned for today’s player – the result of a creative collaboration between master drum craftsman Keith Keough and the range’s pioneer, legendary drummer Steve White.

Exclusively hand-crafted at Premier’s Custom Works in England, each model shares several key features including birch/mahogany shells; 4.5mm (8-ply) for the toms and 6mm (11-ply) for the bass drum, low-mass solid brass tube lugs, single-flange solid steel hoops, 30 degree round-over bearing edges and Remo USA Coated Ambassador heads.

Modern Classic kits are offered as three-piece shell packs: the Bebop 18 and Bebop 20 comprising of a 12”x8” rack tom, 14”x14 floor tom and 18”x14” or 20”x14” bass drum respectively. The Concert Master 22 is made up of a 13”x8” rack tom, 16”x14” floor tom and 22”x14” bass drum.

All models are presented in two finishes – natural mahogany or birds-eye maple; protected by a hand-applied satin oil and complemented with contrasting wooden bass drum hoops. The Modern Classic finishes are produced as limited runs and will change seasonally in accordance with market trend.

In addition there are two matching snare drums sold separately – 14”x4.5” and 14”x5.5”. These snares feature a three-position Dunnett R7C throw-off along with 7.5mm (14-ply) thick birch/mahogany shells. For an option to expand on the basic three-piece configuration, a selection of loose drums is available too.

Available to pre-order now via Premier's local authorised dealer network, the new Modern Classic is retro-inspired, affordable and built with custom care by Premier – the original British drum company.

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