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Premier distributor announced for Hungary and Romania

Premier distributor announced for Hungary and Romania

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Fejes-Ker as our exclusive distributor for Hungary and Romania.

Founded in 1997, Fejes-Ker is a leading importer and distributor whose portfolio encompasses percussion, guitars, amps and accessories, as well as owning three musical stores in Budapest, Györ and Debrecen.

Fejes-Ker recently launched the Premier brand at the opening of their relocated main store, having taken stock of Genista, XPK, APK, Powerhouse and Olympic products.

“We are the largest music instrument store chain in Hungary and are excited to bring back Premier, an iconic drum and percussion brand, to the Hungarian market” said Tamás Fejes. “We are already in negotiations with several leading drummers to endorse Premier.”

For more information, including pricing and availability, visit Fejes-Ker’s official website:

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