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New Vintage Series Exclusive snare drum introduced

New Vintage Series Exclusive snare drum introduced

Premier have added a new Vintage Series snare drum to its British Collection range at this year's NAMM Show.

Handcrafted in Premier's manufacturing facility in England, the new 14" x 5.5" Vintage Series Exclusive snare drum is a derivative from the original Vintage Series snare drum introduced by the company a year ago.

The 11-ply Exclusive version features an extra three plies of premium birch core from the original giving it a total of 9 plies of birch core with an inner ply of mahogany. This produces a more powerful vintage sounding snare drum with a little more crack yet still retains the warmth of the mahogany from its inner ply.

The Vintage Series Exclusive is finished in a beautiful exotic sapele pommele outer veneer with standard chrome tube lugs, 45 degree round-over top bearing edges, 45 degree sharp bottom bearing edge, 2.5mm deep hand-cut snare beds and 2.3mm chrome triple-flange steel hoops.

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