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Limited edition Nicko McBrain 'Aces High' snare drum

Limited edition Nicko McBrain 'Aces High' snare drum

Premier are proud to launch the limited edition Nicko McBrain 'Aces High' snare drum at this year's NAMM Show.

The 'Aces High' snare drum is inspired by the song of the same name that recalls the skill and bravery of fighter pilots during  World War II.

Handcrafted in Premier's manufacturing facility in Lancashire, England, the 'Aces High' consists of a 14" x 5.5" shell which is 10mm thick and constructed from 17 plies of sycamore. 

The outer ply features a stunning handmade-inlay from dyed sycamore and cherry to recreate the camouflage of a Supermarine Spitfire. This intricate marquetry also incorporates a Royal Air Force target, a red, white and blue tail fin ensign and carries the LZ symbol of the Royal Air Force Squadron 66 who flew Mk6 Supermarine Spitfires. The inner ply is finished in a sky blue sycamore to represent the underside of the Spitfire.

The snare drum is fitted with Premier's Spitfire chrome plated solid brass tube lugs, themed on the front nose of the Spitfire to complement the shells unique markings.

Like the Spitfire Series within the British Collection, the 'Aces High' also includes 2.3mm chrome plated triple-flange steel hoops, a 0610 quick release heavy-duty snare strainer and internal aero-dynamic isolation washers. 

The drum also features two touches inspired by Nicko: a Remo Emperor X coated batter head and 42 strand snare wire.

Limited to a production run of 100 snare drums only, each one will be personally hand-signed by Nicko.

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