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Henry Vered joins the Premier family

Henry Vered joins the Premier family

In partnership with Israeli distributor Drumbite, we are pleased to welcome Henry Vered to our family.

Born in 1974 to Sam Vider, a respected drum teacher and conductor in Israel, Henry’s music career started at the age of three, learning piano and trumpet before discovering the drums – an instrument that continues to fascinate him to this day.

Forming his musical education playing in the Tel Aviv Jaffa Orchestra, Henry studied at the Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts and has performed with numerous ensembles in his early years including the Rimon Big Band.

Upon completing army service with the IDF Orchestra, he began working with several youth orchestras, schools and conservatoires.

By 2007, Henry had established a private studio and continued to perform with many of Israel’s leading artists – appearing in concerts, theatre and television.

Joining the Jewish Monkeys band in 2013 has taken Henry all over Europe – undertaking headlines tours, festival and television appearances.

Henry’s repertoire covers a range of styles including jazz, funk, rock, classical, latin and fusion. Considered an “all-round” drummer, he continues today as a senior teacher for orchestras and as a music mentor from his studio.

To help raise brand awareness within the Israeli market, Henry has been appointed as Drumbite’s first major Premier artist and ambassador – choosing Genista, XPK and APK products for his professional set-up.

Watch Henry in action >

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