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Premier's multi-clamp attachments are perfect for attaching a range of drum accessories to your existing hardware. 

Useful for adding extra toms, cymbals and more to your set-up, the heavy-duty multi clamp is available with (2382) or without (2372) an l-arm.

For attaching cymbals or accessories to a cymbal stand, the 2373 medium multi-clamp is ideal whilst the 2374 mini multi-clamp is the equivalent for an l-arm or boom arm fixing.


  • 2372
    Heavy-Duty Multi-Clamp
  • 2373
    Medium Multi-Clamp
  • 2374
    Mini Multi-Clamp
  • 2382
    Heavy-Duty Multi-Clamp and L-Arm


  • Heavy-duty performance
  • Fully adjustable to suit your needs
  • Perfect for attaching a range of accessories
  • Multi-purpose
  • Easy to set-up and install

Premier Percussion