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The One Series is a truly unique offering from Premier. Each product is handmade in England and so exclusive that we only manufacture one of each model.

Of all the drum sets and snare drums available to you, this is the One - the most sumptuous collection of Premier instruments ever made.

Beautifully seductive and exquisitely finished it offers what the others can't; individuality.

Crafted by skilled artisans in the heart of England, every One is an individual work of art, fashioned from the finest veneers available in the world today.

It is the ultimate blend of innovation and design that draws on Premier's unparalleled ten-decade reputation for legendary sound.

The stunning originality means no two models are ever the same, each is one of a kind.

Owing One is an experience like no other, available only to the discerning few. Don't be without One.


If you're interested in more information about our One Series products, please email stating whether you are looking for drum sets or snare drums. Please also include your name, contact details and place of residence.


  • Handcrafted in England by Premier
  • Unique, one-off drum sets and snare drums
  • Pewter Premier badge
  • Individually named after British towns and places of interest
  • Finest veneers from around the world

Premier Percussion