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Pat Lundy of Funeral for a Friend

Pat Lundy of Funeral for a Friend

The other night I remember us chilling in the dressing room at Oxford academy, celebrating our hundreth show since January. Now that festival season is well and truly upon us, we should be looking at about 140+ towards end of summer/fall. It's crazy how much ground you can cover in a short period of time.

I've had a collective week off this month, in which I've used to move house and we're back out tomorrow to finish off the last of our UK headlining dates before the second Leg of the Conduit Tour this October. More recently however, we've had a band called the Marmozets supporting us. What an incredible bunch of players, expect to see lots more from them in the future. The band consists of two sets of brothers and the older sister on vocal duties which I found quite mental! Drummer, Joshua, is 18 and can seamlessly navigate his way round a kit in his sleep. It's always nice having a quirky, fresh sounding band opening on tour, I find that I'm heaps more pumped to play our show.

I suppose at the moment, I'm listening to as many other drummers as I can, recently we played just after a band called "The Ghost Inside" at Mair 1 festival in Germany. Their drummer Andrew is a total boss, he hits with an ultimate balance of velocity and technique, doing his drum makers proud, for sure. I like seeing if hardcore drummers can pull through the little nuances and subtleties on the record, and he did, with considerable ease and finesse.

At the moment, new in my kit box, is the Generation 3 Malleus double pedal. These things are incredible, so easy to set up, So ultimately durable and fast as you'd like. That's made the past few shows heaps more fun, its like giving my legs the night off.... my ankles, "got this one!!"

Routine before stage involves drinking a few litres of Lucozade Original and warming up for about 25/30 minutes on a small practice pad. I stretch sometimes too when I'm feeling particularly crap. Ciao for now, see you in a few months!!


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