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July update from our General Manager

July update from our General Manager

Hi all!

Well, it’s been another very busy month for Premier (just how we like it!) We’re continuing to expand our dealer network both in the UK and overseas territories. For the most up to date list of our dealers check our website – it’s growing daily and constantly being updated.

The response we’ve had to our new range of Modern Classic drum sets has been overwhelming. I’m so proud of these kits; Keith (our head of R & D) and the rest of the team have done a superb job in designing them. The quality and sound is simply incredible. The kits and snares are in production, and they’ll be in store to purchase very soon. Videos of the kits and new images will be available online early next month - please let us know what you think! As a final note on Modern Classic, I’d like to say a massive thank you to all of our dealers and distributors who helped us with this project by feeding through their thoughts and ideas about their markets and the kits. It was truly a huge team effort, and we really appreciate all of the time they took out to help and support us with it.

We’ve spent a lot of time over the last 4 – 6 weeks finalising our business plan. A huge part of this involved reviewing all of our products and researching the market to make sure we’re offering players what they want.  I talked about this a little in my last blog, and I’m pleased to say that the plan is now set. Our next step is to discuss our plans in detail with our distributors and dealers so that we can bring everything together professionally for our players. Watch this space – I’ll be able to give you more information in a few months, so look out for updates.

Plans are underway to begin piloting our new Education Programme in the UK. We’ve selected a handful of very well respected and close friends of Premier to be involved initially so we can ensure that when the programme is finally rolled out in 2015 it works properly and achieves everything we originally set out to do. Steve White has already blown my mind with some of the plans he has – they’re truly incredible and I’m certain everyone will love what he’s going to be doing over the coming months/years! We’re committed to giving something back to our community, and Steve has picked that right up and designed something incredibly special.

Once the programme has been finalised details of it will be published and applications will be invited from tutors all over the country who want to be a part of it. I should add that although we are kicking off with drum set, we’ll eventually be extending the programme to include all aspects of percussion. Our goal is simple: we want to get more people involved; whether that’s playing a kit, a marching drum, a set of timpani, or just banging about on some dustbins. We want to break down barriers so that anyone who wants to learn or be involved, can. By supporting community projects, local dealers, charities, schools, tutors, youth clubs etc we should be able to reach a large proportion of the population in the UK. The hope is that we can eventually take the programme to other territories and develop it globally over the years to come.

I was very lucky to meet Dame Evelyn Glennie a few weeks ago. Given her massive contribution to the world of music and percussion, we thought she’d be an excellent person to talk to about some of our current projects and our brand. Dame Evelyn kindly agreed to give us some of her time, and I must say we definitely made the most of it! We came away from the meeting feeling completely inspired; we were provided with so much information and advice, plus a whole host of new ideas to help make Premier truly inclusive and accessible to more people. We cannot thank Dame Evelyn and her team enough – they’re always extremely busy and it really was very good of them to see us. This is what I absolutely love about our industry; whether you’re talking to a player, a dealer, a manufacturer, a distributor or a journalist – everyone’s so passionate about what they do and so willing to offer advice and support.  We’re really very lucky.

In other news, one of our favourite events of the year is coming up next month: The Worlds Pipe Band Championship in Glasgow. Check it out here:

We love this. So much passion for drums all in one place – absolute heaven! The best pipe bands and soloists in the world attend, and the talent on display is humbling. Last year Keith designed a set of ONE HTS snares for the event, and it was so successful that we decided to make a few more to take with us this year. You’ll see them featured on our Facebook page over the next couple of weeks if you’re not able to get to Glasgow and check them out in person. Our Premier team will be on the stand in the Traders Village with some of our products to talk about all things drums and answer any questions you have. Wishing the very best of luck to all of our friends and endorsers during the competition and fingers crossed for the weather!

Finally, it’s been fantastic to see the overwhelming response Craig Blundell has received in China during his tour. People queuing for his autograph, being stopped in the street constantly to have his photo taken, being mobbed, billboards all over the place promoting the events he’s involved with...  We’re so proud to have Craig as part of our family! Our friends in China certainly know how to promote percussion, and I really can’t wait to hear all about it when Craig returns to the UK. Amazingly, in between all of his performances and teaching he’s found time to write blogs about the tour on his Facebook page, with lots of great photographs of the various events – it’s really interesting and entertaining stuff. Click here if you get a minute, it’ll be time well spent.

As always, massive and heartfelt thanks to Ken and the Premier team for their continued hard work, and of course all of our players, artists, distributors and dealers for their unending passion, support and commitment.

Catch you all again next month!


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  1. I hope you guys at Premier drum keep making most of you drums in England. I have a 17 year old set of XPK drums and they are still going strong. And the drum badge is stamped ( made in England) .

    Posted by joe on 27/07/2014

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