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Cassell The BeatMaker

Cassell The BeatMaker

Wass up peeps, Cassell the BeatMaker here. It's been a while and Premier have asked me to do a blog on what I have been up to and what I'm currently working on, so here goes….

I'm glad to be a part of The Premier family. I was fortunate enough to be given the first Premier Series Elite in purple sparkle fade lacquer. I also have the pleasure of using the One Series snare drums. They sound amazing.

So for the last few years you would of mainly seen me performing with Plan B, The Streets and Akala. The Streets have come to an end after an amazing last tour of Australia, Europe and the UK.

Plan B, I am still working with. After 'The Defamation of Strickland Banks Tour', came the Ill Manor film and album which I had a co-write on and played drums on a few other tracks. Next was The Ill Manors vs Strickland Banks Forest Tour  followed by the Ill Manor Manor Arena Tour where I used a brand new Premier Elite black lacquer kit. It was mind blowing and I had such a good time playing it.

The live tour DVD is due to come out very soon. It features myself and the rest of the band in a short interview on are time in the Plan B band throughout the years. Check that out! You will also get the chance if you haven't already to hear how amazing my Premier kit sounds. It was a fairly big set up which included both acoustic and electronic sounds. Also there is a picture book of photographs by Gavin Watson called 'Plan B versus Gavin Watson' coming out with shoots of Plan B and the band throughout the tours. Beside that we have mainly been headlining festivals this year. 

During the tour I was lucky enough to make the cover of Drummer magazine and also had a feature in Rhythm magazine. I did a few interviews with Fly 53 clothing and a project with Adidas called 'Take the Stage' mentoring new drummer Tommy. They shot a short video, which you can find online.

I have also been co-writing and producing. My first project was with rapper Akala. He has brought an album titled 'Knowledge is Power' on which I produced a track called 'Absolute Power'. We followed that up with some live video footage. Next I worked with him co-writing and playing drums on his current album 'The Thieves Banquet'. I'm doing a tour with that album this November.

Whilst doing that I have joined a writing/production team called Sanctuary Music Vault (SMV) and with them I produced an album titled 'Rhythm & Blues' for the Canadian/French artist 'Garou'. The album did quite well going double platinum. So currently we have been finishing a second album which is due out this Christmas. Also we have been working with Natasha Beddingfield both live and as producer/writers in the studio along with new artist 'Max Pahlsson'. These projects will be more visible next year. 

Another project I'm involved in is 'Bassistry'. I have played drums on two tracks of the album and currently co-producing it before flying to Hong Kong in November to do some song writing music workshops. 

And finally I shall be in December's issue of Drummer magazine with a two page interview on my drum recording technique which I use in the studio plus I could be the face of a new jewellery range I've been wearing. 

That's it for now guys….. speak soon!


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